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What are your fees and how do I pay?

Auction Sniper gives each new user 3 free snipe credits. Each free snipe credit is good for one winning snipe. After these are used up, you must upgrade your account. We charge a modest fee of 1% of the final auction price, with a minimum of 25 cents and a maximum of $9.95 for each auction that we help you win.

If you use a credit card, Auction Sniper will automatically bill your account monthly. If you prefer, you can manually add a balance to your account using PayPal. Find out more on our Pricing page:

To get more free snipes, just refer your friends and neighbors to sign up with us. Each sign-up will net you 3 free snipes and of course they get 3 free snipes for trying us too. Everybody wins!
Use this link:

Why does my username and password have to match eBay?

Auction Sniper is not associated with eBay in any way. Auction Sniper acts as your bidding agent. In order to log into eBay to place your snipe, we must sign in using your username and password.

How do I update my Auction Sniper username and password?

You can update your Auction Sniper username and password by mousing over the "My Snipes" tab, selecting the "Modify Account" option, updating the appropriate fields in the "eBay Information" section on the ensuing page and then clicking the "Save" button. Remember that your Auction Sniper username and password must match those of your eBay account for our system to successfully place bids on your behalf.

What if two or more of your customers snipe the same item?

Although the probability of this happening is very small, we have developed our software to give bidders an equal chance of winning in all possible cases.

In most cases, it’s very simple: the bidder with the highest max bid will win.

What's a Bid Group and can I learn more?

A bid group is designed to help you get the item you want at the price you want. You choose multiple items on eBay and put them in a Bid Group folder with a set maximum price. Auction Sniper will run through the items in the group until it gets you the item you want at the price you want. It will then stop bidding on the remaining items in the folder. For more information:

Do you snipe adult auctions on eBay?

Yes - however, because eBay must validate your age to bid on these items, every few months we do encounter more technical difficulties. Our support team can help you with this bidding process should you discover a problem.

What is Lead Time?

Lead time is the number of seconds from the end of an auction that you would like Auction Sniper to place your bid. We recommend lead times between 5 and 12 seconds. Currently, Auction Sniper successfully places 99.9% of all snipes with 5-second lead times.

We don't recommend anything less than 5 seconds. Although we send the snipe on time, during peak times an eBay server may not process it in time. This is not the fault of eBay nor us; internet traffic is just heavier at certain times. During peak periods the default 5 second lead-time, while adequate for most weekday situations, often isn't enough for evenings and weekends. We synchronize from an atomic clock which calibrates our servers.

We snipe every auction multiple times from multiple servers and locations. These servers adjust for eBay server lag according to how long their average server is taking. Remember that it's in our interests for you to win.

You should increase your lead time to 7-12 seconds on auctions that close between 5-11 p.m. Pacific (eBay) time, and on weekends, when eBay traffic is heavier.

There are considerations that should be made when sniping. No service or software guarantees your wins. Read more information about using a sniping service to bid:

Even though the vast majority of these are due to not enough lead time, eBay server lag or heavier than usual internet traffic, you can redeem free snipes for Did Not Win or Not In Time messages at:

Is there a time when I can NOT add, modify, or cancel a snipe?

You cannot add, modify, or cancel a snipe if there is less than 5 minutes left until the auction ends. When the auction is about to end, you may notice that a lock will replace the Cancel and Modify links. In the event that you have not refreshed the page, and the Cancel and Modify links still exist for a snipe that is ending in less than 5 minutes, any changes made will not adhere. For reliability and performance, our bidding system prepares your snipes in advance, so you must make your changes before this time.

Do you bid in the currency of the auction?

Yes, we snipe in the currency of the auction. That's actually how eBay has it set up; no conversion is going on. So if the auction is in GBP, AU$, Euros, etc., that's the currency your bid is in.

What are your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

For information on joining Auction Sniper, please check out our membership terms.

If you would like to know about Auction Sniper and your privacy, see our privacy policy.

If you have any questions, please file a support request.

Can I accidentally bid against myself or bid myself up?

Our sniping system needs to be as efficient as possible when placing snipes. If we had to check to see if you are already the high bidder before we snipe it would add an extra step to the process. We snipe no matter what to make sure we don't miss any snipes.

If you placed a bid on eBay for $10.00, then you sniped with us for $10.00, the user would get a "HIGH BIDDER" status message. But if you place a bid on eBay for $10.00, then snipe for $15.00, then you will be charged a snipe credit and the status will be "YOU WON!"

If you bid directly on eBay, you should cancel the snipe with us. There's not enough time to check to see if you are already high bidder and then snipe or not accordingly. When down to seconds, we don't risk you losing your item. Make sure you are not bidding against yourself.