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Auction Sniper Is a Competitive Edge In Winning Auctions

Let's face it, you really want to win that auction. And you don't want to pay too much. The secret: bid with your brain, instead of starting a bidding war. Use Auction Sniper to play the game on your own terms and begin winning auctions consistently.

The benefits of using Auction Sniper:

Avoid a bidding war.
Bidding wars often cause you to spend more money than you actually intended. Therefore you actually are going to be saving money by using Auction Sniper because you won't rely on compulsive bidding to win an auction. See how Auction Sniper works!

Let us do the work.
Don't let your work or leisure time get interrupted by a closing auction. With Auction Sniper you don't have to sit by your computer and watch the bidding until the auction closes. Once you place a snipe bid with us, our servers handle everything automatically. Not only are you saving money, but you are also saving time.

Why bid prematurely?
Why would you want to increase an auction's current bid price if it doesn't close for several more days? This only leads to an inflated closing bid. There is no reason to bid prematurely; it will only encourage other bidders to bid on the item.

Cancel your bid.
When you bid directly though eBay, it is generally difficult to cancel your bid. With Auction Sniper, you can cancel your bid up to 5 minutes before our servers place it for you. So you are buying time to think about your bid and make sure it's what you intend.

Bid Groups.
AuctionSniper's Bid Groups feature allows you to bid on the same item from different sellers. As soon as you win one auction at the price you want, we'll automatically cancel the rest of your bids.

Win eBay Auctions!
AuctionSniper helps you win auctions with little effort and time. Save your worries for more important things.

No one can match our reliability

Our server network is designed for maximum reliability, with cutting edge technology including redundant Internet backbone connections at the PacBell NAP, back up power supplies, and security access for 24x7 availability.

We have designed our program with intuitive usability in mind. Auction Sniper is easy to use with wizards that guide you through the process and alerts that keep you informed of the status of your auctions.

Our comprehensive set of tools helps you manage all of your auction bidding activities. Our service allows you to track your closed auctions and your outstanding bids and snipes, and even allows you to keep a watch list of auctions you might want to bid on.

Sign up for our free trial to see how easy Auction Sniper is to use and experience all the benefits Auction Sniper can bring you.